Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fusing Discord - Environmentalists Oppose Fusion Power

A huge part of the problem with environmentalists and the environmental movement is their complete skill in coming across as a group of uninspired whiners. Take today's story from the ENS reporting on the agreement of 7 countries to pursue commercially viable fusion power.

Ignoring the benefits of creating an abundant and clean source of energy, not only for our own backward culture but for all of the backward developing cultures in the world, Friends of the Earth Europe has stated that the partnership between the EU, US, China, India, Russia, South Korea and Japan to demonstrate the potential of nuclear fusion as an energy source is a wasting resources on a technology that may never be commercially viable. Instead, they call for greater use of wind, solar and biomass technologies and stepping up conservation efforts.

There's little to dispute that currently available green technologies should be further utilized, but to date there has been no comprehensive case demonstrating that they can be exploited to fulfill our current energy demands, let alone the increasing world demands of developing nations like
China and India.

The only nation to make a firm commitment to breaking dependency on fossil fuel energy is Sweden , who is planning to wean itself off of oil in favor of biomass and other renewables in the next 15 years. But even if successful,
Sweden's total will still rely on the significant nuclear and large hydro-electric projects already in use - two technologies environmentalists equally deride.

Conservation is consistently brought in as the panacea for a looming world energy crisis, but any amounts that can be conserved in the current energy mix developed countries cannot hope to offset the rising demand posed by
China alone, let alone India and other growing economies.

A viable fusion technology would be incalculably beneficial to the planet and world stability while filling an future supply gap that we currently have no solution for. Additionally, any member of western society should realize that the reason we are afforded the lifestyle we have is due to the abundant energy provided by oil and the growth it has enabled. Extending the same opportunity to developing nations in the form of a cleaner energy source would be one of our greatest achievements.


Anonymous said...

I say, let the ignorant prats freeze in the dark. They're not pro-evironment at all, they just use "environmentalism" as the pretext for their misanthropy.

Odiyya said...

Perhaps not ignorant, but certainly overly idealistic and a bit narrow minded in their concerns.

Anonymous said...

I fear that pure environmentalism - a genuine concern for the earth and it's resouces - is getting swallowed up by a group that has another agenda; Pushing it's anti-capitalistic, anti-bussiness, anti-growth belief system. The reality is that if the environmental movement is to gain the popular support it needs to effect real change, it's going to have to become pure again. It's going to have to embrace technologies that are real solutions.