Friday, June 02, 2006

America the Fascist -- A Democracy Usurped

After nearly two years of speculation, conspiracy theories and conjecture, solid, factual and irrefutable evidence that the 2004 election was stolen is readily available to the American public and the world.

Authored by Robert Kennedy Jr, the article cites evidence of uncounted votes, voter exclusion, and media complicity. Most damning is the citing of massive disparities between exit polling and the actual vote count.

This is more than a numbers game. Exit polling has been crafted to be an exacting science through the past forty years, and it rarely deviates from the actual election result by more than a few tenths of a percentage point. But in 2004, exit polls differed from election results by as much as 9.5%. An unprecedented number in the United States and a clear sign of election fraud.

However, this article does not go far enough in its assertions. It talks about voters, and statistical anomolies but it fails to say what the real story is - that for the past 6 years, the United States of America, the leader of Democratic principles throughout the world, has been a operating as a fascist state. Elections have become meaningless as the interests in power decide who will be elected prior to elections, and orchestrate their strategies to assure that their desired outcomes take place.

The reason why this is posted here is because the enviroment as a movement needs a functioning democratic process to realize true progress. There are no totalitarian or unrepresentative regimes that embrace sustainability as an overarching value. The nature of despotic power structures is the pursuit of their own power, and progressive values such as the environment, freedom of expression, universal education, and universal health care do not figure into that model because they offer no means of increasing power for those in control.

With each stolen election the rights and liberties of every citizen is eroded. Cherished values and safequards will continue to fall if the ucpoming congressional election and the 2008 presidential election follow suit.

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