Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ass-inine Quote - More Roads Equals Stable Climate

How do we solve climate change? We just keep driving. Gordon Campbell is positioning Greater Vancouver's $3 billion highway infrastructure improvement plan - the Gateway Project - as a climate change solution.
"Campbell said he's concerned about the rising emissions, much of them due to increased auto and truck use. But he still believes the province's gateway program — to build more roads and bridges — will help, not hurt."
Nice theory. The problem being that more lanes always lead to increased traffic volume and subsequently more greenhouse gas emissions.

Given the anticipated population growth of the region, I can readily concede that the Greater Vancouver area will need significant infrastructure improvements. But Gordo, if you are truly keen on selling this as a solution to greenhouse gas emissions, you had best rethink your PR strategy before someone gets the wrong idea about your common sense and decision making ability.

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