Friday, June 23, 2006

Canada Maps Out New Position on Kyoto - Rebuttal

It feels like it's been around 120 minutes since I first began reading this long winded speech by Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. Reading this is an undertaking that I did not take lightly and a responsibility I should not have underestimated. I thought I'd share with your some of my thoughts and experiences.

I arrived at this speech without the preconceived notions and silo mentality that exists all to often in analysing the vacuous arguments of Minister Ambrose and her Conservative party members. I know now what an advantage it is to approach future addresses by Ms. Ambrose with the delete key at the ready, without the fear to question the malarkey that regularly spills from the lips of elected officials when a law doesn't sit well with their supporters from the oil and gas industry.

Rona claims to have arrived into the climate change debate and as the Chair over the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (C. of CPUNFCCC for 'short') with the belief that "being honest about the challenge Canada was facing may be helpful to other countries who found themselves in the same circumstances" and that "we have not allowed these voices to silence Canada’s will to lead the world in an urgent, transparent, honest debate about the challenges that we and our international partners are facing when it comes to finding a truly global solution to climate change."
(A corn silo)

Ms. Ambrose can congratulate herself on one success. We may indeed be leading the world in the climate change debate, by volume if nothing else, but unfortunately we have failed miserably in leading the world in actually addressing climate change. That will come through meaningful action, not through 8 pages and 3,500 words of dialogue. If speeches of this sort continue to be the sum total of the Conservatives "Made in Canada" plan to tackle climate change, then Rona Ambrose should herself be purchasing greenhouse gas offsets, because I shudder to think about the volume of CO2 she personally added to the atmosphere in spewing this rhetoric.

Minister Ambrose's complete speech is available here.

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