Friday, June 30, 2006

The Melting of Greenland: The Science

Courtesy of Daily Kos, here is a story outlining the science behind the potentially rapid and devastating melting of the Greenland ice sheets.

For many, the view of climate change is one of a slow creeping process where seas rise at a rate of the odd millimetre per year; however, following the 2002 collapse of Antarctica's massive Larsen B iceshelf, scientists now realize the startling speed of glacier collapse. In the case of Larsen B, an ice plate 650 miles long and weighing 500 billion tonnes broke apart in just 35 days.

Sea level didn't rise then because that ice was already located on the water surface. If the landlocked ice sheets of Greenland were to collapse in a similar way, global sea levels would increase by 7m.

Follow the link for the full science behind glacier break-up.

Sea the next post for photos of the glacier melt in Greenland.

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Great pics and info... have you seen Elizabeth Mays climate change talk. I taped it and posted it on google video, here it is...

Climate Change talk

For more info on Elizabeth ...

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