Friday, June 16, 2006

Quebec Unveils Carbon Tax

Quebec has announced what is possibly the strongest action to curb climate change in the country, unveiling a 1.2 billion dollar plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions through a carbon tax on the oil and gas industry.

It is a move that is not only visionary but logical. In order to to stop climate change, governments and citizens will need to come to grips with the simple fact that it is our dependence on fossil fuels that is the primary cause of global warming, and it is the fossil fuel industry which needs to be held to task in order to win this battle - a fact sorely lost on the minority conservative government as they continue their work against the Kyoto Accord by rewriting the Government of Canada website to systematically remove any references to the accord, while failing to put forward any meaningful action to address climate change.

Harper and his Conservative party are not governing with a mandate from the people of Canada. Their minority government came to power with just 36% of the popular vote, and while Harper and his cronies do not see climate change as a problem, the people of Canada do. He would do well to remember this as he seeks to win additional seats in the next election. Especially when the greatest in-roads will need to occur in Quebec - the province most strongly advancing meaningful action on climate change.

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