Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alaska Glacier Photos - Past vs. Present

As a heat wave sinks its teeth into much of North America and Europe, here is a short photo essay offering present and past looks at several once mighty glaciers in Alaska.

Muir Glacier - Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve.
1941 vs. 2004

McCarty Glacier - McCarty Fjords, Kanai Fjords National Park
1909 vs. 2004

Toboggan Glacier - Prince William Sound, Chucagh National Forest
1909 vs. 2000

Carroll Glacier - East Queen Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
1906 vs. 2004

Image source - National Snow and Ice Data Center


foottothefire said...

Go read Gwynn Dyer "100,000 Year Fever". The best is yet to come!

Manley Man said...

I dunno - the Columbia Glacier in the Rockies has been shrinking for the past 10 thousand years or so. And I am supposed to believe that the warming / shrinking now is any different than historical?

EX-NDIP said...

You missed one . . . in the early 90's the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand was the poster-glacier of the environmental crowd . . . unfortunately since about 96 it has been steadily expanding . . . hence we don't talk about it any more . . . sooo scientific wouldn't you say!!!!

Odiyya said...

yes, but I think one glacier in New Zealand does very little in terms of offering scientific evidence that we are not seeing a broad and consistent trend.

If we want to list others that i have missed we can also talk about Patagonia and a host of other Chilean glaciers that are all in fast retreat, the glaciers in the Himalayas that supply a massive proportion of drinking water to the Asian continent, and the retreat of Europe's ice.