Monday, July 10, 2006

China's War on Weather

Here is an environmental policy even George W. Bush could get behind. The Chinese government currently enlists 37,000 peasants to help produce rain for water hungry crops by using 1960s artillery to fire silver iodide into rain clouds. The chemical causes water to condense and fall as rain, with the reported impact being a 24% increase in rainfall over the past twelve years of testing. The program also makes use of air craft and rocket launchers to the tune of:

- 37,000 people, mostly part-timers - farmers and former soldiers
- 30 aircraft
- 4,000 rocket launchers
- 7,000 artillery pieces used to seed clouds with silver iodide

Now they are turning their guns towards the 2008 Olympics to ensure that the opening ceremonies are not interrupted by unwanted rainfall.

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