Friday, July 28, 2006

Conservative's Climate Change Censorship "Orwellian"

This blatant example of government censorship reported back in May on MyBlahg, and later here, is now being picked up by the Federal Liberals.

This week, Liberal Environment Critic Hon. John Godfrey accused Stephen Harper and the Conservatives of enganging in Orwellian tactics as they rewrite government websites to erase all mention of Kyoto and climate change.

“This is a government in denial about climate change,” says Mr. Godfrey. “They don’t like the science, and now they want to censor it. This is Orwellian.”

Mr. Holland (Ajax-Pickering MP) agreed, saying, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is tied closely to leading climate change skeptics in the United States and the petroleum industry. This government has a track record of listening to people with dubious views on the environment and climate change. They pretend to be interested in a ‘Made in Canada’ approach, but this is code for doing nothing.”

The Conservatives attempt at revisionist history is an undiluted example of propaganda and manipulation, and it is long overdue for the official opposition to hold them to account.

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EX-NDIP said...

Did you read the letter the 60 climatologists sent to Harper . . . these guys were experts, not hyper-ventilating politicians like Al Gore. There is no consensus among the experts re: so-called Global Warming. The earth has warmed slightly in the last 100 years, but the computer models are nonsense. The glacier stuff is nonsense . . . Greenland and Antartica are growing. The glacier in Africa has been decreasing for 100 years due to lack of precipatation, not GW. In fact one of the poster glaciers of the early 1990's the Frans-Joseph Glacier in New Zealand has been growing since 1995, so hence it has been dropped from Club Seirra's list.
Why not talk more about electric cars in LA today . . . with all the power failures . . . I guess you could run a gas generator in the back yard!!! Or better yet, get Michael Moore to pick you up in his Limo . . . lol.

EX-NDIP said...

So whats the answer . . . Kyoto???
There are many enviro groups getting rich promoting the global warming scare . . . check out the following

all climate scientists do not agree with the Kyoto view.

Odiyya said...

well for starters, i'm going to have to ask you to return to your previous comments here before posting the same information a second time. I've taken the time to respond to your New Zealand glacier soap box and Al Gore hyperventilation issues the last time your wrote them here.

As for your i can only assume that you realize it is a spin off project of the far right US conservative group the National Center for Public Policy. A group that that opposes such things as universal medicare and the right to social security and advocates the broad use of US military force to push their foriegn policy agenda's, while trying to back up bald faced lies with news stories that actually say the opposite to what they are claiming.

Further, seeing as we're talking about scientific 'consensus' i think we should define that. It means that as a whole (i.e. far better than a majority) the scientific community agrees with a conclusion based on SCIENTIFIC STUDY, ANALYSIS AND PEER REVIEW. Your source is a special interest posting board that cites at best, one or two individuals who 'say' that climate change is bunk while offering no discernible evidence.

This is meant to be a debate based on the facts presented. Al Gore's alleged asthma, or Michael Moore's choice in automobiles, whatever they might be, have no relevance.