Monday, July 17, 2006

G8 Energy Plan Relies on Oil, Nuclear & Renewables

I love headlines like this. It's a little like saying "a plant relies on water, nutrients and sunshine". It hits all the options square on but says nothing about the relative proportion of these three factors that is going to result in a healthy plant, or in the case of energy mix, in a sustainable ecosystem.

After last week's G8 summit, progress can best be measured through the following statement:

"They (the G8) also will support carbon sequestration projects to remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere where it is raising the planetary temperature..."

I can only assume that the next strategy will be to search out a part of the planet where CO2 is not raising temperatures and build our coal fired power plants there. Brilliant.

The issue is one of particular salience for Canadians. While the G8 leaders are giving lip service to sustainability, Stephen Harper is pumping up Canada's reputation as an 'energy superpower'. And with good reason. As one of only two energy exporting nations in the G8 (Russia is the other), and the owner of the world's largest known oil reserves, Canada stands to profit immeasurably from ignoring global warming as long as energy prices remain high. In the process, our ability to take on a meaningful role as a world leader (or even a follower) in sustainabilty is being set bucko in the hat.

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