Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Orwell's Ghost Haunts Kyoto

The Conservatives are continuing their Orwellian rewriting of Kyoto policy. I first read about this issue a couple months back from My Blahg, which identified deleted pages from Government of Canada websites that mentioned Kyoto. Now there's further postings and confirmations of removing references to both Kyoto and climate change.

In a time where even the most trivial of details of cultural memory are forgotten within days, let alone years (how many people realize that Michael Mann, director of the Miami Vice film, got his start producing the TV series of the same name?) this action should elicit more than a mere raising of eyebrows.

Increasingly our cultural repository of information is found online and in virtual form. If current governments are willing to lie in order to pursue their policy goals, even at the risk of being exposed, what happens when those same people have the power to make inconvenient facts disappear at the click of a button?

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Adrian MacNair said...

This is the convenient censorship of a government that clearly does not believe in the science of global warming. Watch for Harper to continue historically revising the dangers and issues concerning this issue in the years to come.