Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slamming the Climate Skeptic Scam

Anyone tired of the deceptive smear campaign against global warming being run by conservatives, corporations and PR professionals now have a champion and a manifesto:

There is a line between public relations and propaganda - or there should be. And there is a difference between using your skills, in good faith, to help rescue a battered reputation and using them to twist the truth - to sow confusion and doubt on an issue that is critical to human survival.

Jim Hoggan is a Vancouver public relations professional who is tired of seeing the works of his colleagues clouding the debate on climate change. He is publishing to help turn the informational tide in favour of meaningful action.

Also check out the front page article at The Tyee for a profile of Jim and his work.


timethief said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I've been writing on the issues of climate change and global warming on my own blog for some time now and I appreciated your posting of this additional link.I posted the photographic links from the Canary Project on my blog yesterday perhaps you'd like to visit my blog click the links and check out the full size photos.

Odiyya said...

Thanks timethief I appreciate the comment and as a relatively new blogger the hint to your own site. I'll check it out during my morning reading.

s.b. said...

Unfortunately, there is also an unknown phenomenon until recently called "Global Dimming" that has been confusing the data.

Some bodies of water are actually cooler in places because particulate matter in the air from pollution and jet plumes dim the sun. The sun is markedly dimmer all over the planet than it used to be, which has not only mitigated the effects of global warming but also confused researchers.

What this means is that we are actually in a whole lot more trouble than we thought and that global warming due to greenhouse gas emmisions should actually be happening at approximately twice the rate it is now.

Unfortunately dimming has given us cooler weather in places and at times that Consrvatives have been able to exploit for their own ends.

Now that we have data on dimming, which was confirmed after 9/11 when all air trafic was grounded in the US and temperatures and sunlight rose while being monitored, we can address this skewing of the data on global warming.

The skeptics won't have much fuel for much longer. Its only been about a year since this phenomenon was widely known and proven. It will become a part of the discussions on Global Warming soon.