Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Video of the Week: Who Killed the Electric Car?

By now, most of you would have seen the Truth. Your next progressive movie date is Who Killed the Electric Car, now playing in New York and Los Angeles and opening at theatres throughout North America this summer.

Placing joint blame on the auto industry and oil companies, the film promises a searing indictment of who is to blame for both the death of the electric car and our continued reliance on fuel inefficiency and imported oil.

Read the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes then see the film for yourself.


EX-NDIP said...

You guys never cease to amaze me . . . the electric car killed itself . . . it was unworkable.
Remember the chain of recharge stations in Californis and Arizona in the 90's, well they went broke.
Remember LA in the 90's, power brownouts etc. Well, imagine adding 200,000 electric cars, all coming home at 5 pm every day, and plugging . . . what would have happened? The sucked more power than an electric stove . . . it would have been cold dinners every day, the power grid would have collapsed.
The electric cars were not practical, you couldn't load up the family and go on a vacation, because of the limited range. They were small and uncomfortable just like many of the hi-breds today. These hy-breds will be worthless in a few years when the warranties have expires and replacement batteries cost thousands of dollars. Just look at all the problems Toyota has had with the Prius . . . many recalls, drivability issues and not getting anywhere near the mileage Toyota claimed in its advertising. Honda isn't doint much better, an Accord hybred got 33 mpg in a recent road test, a Corvette in the same test got almost 28 mpg. A VW diesel got 48 mpg . . . Hell, a Crown Vic will get 30 mpg cruising down the highway, why would you buy the Honda Accord hi-bred? If you do the math, there is no payback with the hi-breds, for most people you would have to drive them for decades to recover the extra purchase cost.

Anonymous said...

Your post is so riddled with factual errors it's clear you haven't seen the film. To address some of them:

1) Recharge stations were a reality in CA in the 90s. They never "went broke" -- they went "unfunded" because California dropped its zero-emission mandate under enormous pressure from automakers.

2) On any power grid during the night there are gigawatts of unused energy available. By all accounts generating capacity is not a problem.

3) You're right -- currently you can't load up the family and go on vacation in an electric vehicle. As the film points out, they only serve the daily needs of about 90% of the population.

4) "Hi-bred" update -- Toyota's Prius has been so enormously successful that GM, which only two years ago labeled hybrids as a "loser", is introducting their own loser with the 2008 Saturn Vue.

A Prius gets an honest 50mpg in around-town driving. Within months you will be able to convert it to a plug-in hybrid, and get over 100mpg. Or continue wasting your money -- it's up to you.

Hope we've continued to amaze.

Anonymous said...

Remember they are also AT-PZEV zero emission, that means less smog. That is part of the what the choice means to the driver. 244 hp on 06 Accord add electric motor 253 hp on a car that gets 31mph real world numbers. As more people buy hybrid cars the victories will be beter on the development side. People said the first car would not be safe and the first plane would not fly. I was talking to a developer eight years ago about hybrid cars I never thought they would be good or would I ever own one because anything that complicated could not be good. All cars are more complicated and the best car from 1986 is equal to the worst car today. I drive an Accord Hybrid every day. I guess after eight years or eighty thousand when the warranty on the battery wears out I will have to wonder how much they cost to replace. Most people do not keep there car that long. My guess is what will the cars of 2014 even be like then. The main problem of those 1st gen electric cars was that they were slow. Get into a 2007 Accord and tell me what you think.