Friday, August 18, 2006

Feds Climate Change Website Disappears

The Conservatives are continuing in their Orwellian campaign of rewriting history and removing all mentions of Kyoto and global warming from federal websites.

The latest victim is the federal climate change website itself, which has been offline since August 16th. In all likelihood, the website will be up and running with lights blazing in September - completely rewritten and in full endorsement of the Harpers so called "Made in Canada" plan to tackle Kyoto, set to be released after Labour Day.

Unfortunately, Harpers plan stands to do nothing to tackle climate change. Instead, it will attempt to spin the issue into one of smog and air quality, and paint the Conservatives as environmental heroes while largely ignoring Canada's Kyoto commitments for C02 reduction.

In layman's terms, Harpers "Made in Canada" solution to addressing Kyoto commitments will be to do nothing to meet them.

As with past initiatives, he will attempt to hijack the issue to further his party's own interest. Much like the Conservative's "daycare plan" that largely benefits wealthy couples over poverty stricken single parents, their "environment plan" is sure to benefit polluting energy industries at the expense of the Earth's climate.

Something to remember during his next string of promises at election time.


GreenLibrarian said...

Annoying isn't it?

At least most of the information that's reliable (pre-Harper) is still available at*/


knb said...

Seems more than annoying to me. It feels a bit creepy actually. Thanks for the archive link.

Devon Rowcliffe said...
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Jay said...

Thanks for the link. Mt bf is going to circulate that link throughout the TDSB school board as it was a very important resource for them.

EX-NDIP said...

Like don't you get it yet . . . . Kyoto's goals are unobtainable . . . thanks to the Chretien and Martin regemes ineptness!!!
No only did the libs negotiate the biggest reduction in CO2 of any country that signed the protocol, they then did nothin but talk and create a website . . . hence nothin happened . . . do you folks suppose that Canada, a country mostly covered by snow in the winter, that has added 3 million odd immigrants in the last decade and a bit is going to lower emmissions to 1990 levels . . . sooooo nuts . . . unless you all want to sit in the cold and dark all winter!!!
The science behind the Kyoto thing is suspect . . . unless you are a religious convert to the cause . . . very many Climate Scientists do not agree with the "Computer Models" that rely on questionable data.
Go to this site . . . say what Climate Scientists . . . with degrees have to say

Remember now . . . these are climate scientists, not Club Sierra or zoologist Suzuki . . .

The Artist said...

Let's hope that their eyes are opened. All governments need to be proactive in creating environmental change at this crucial time in history, with best wishes, The Artist

GreenLibrarian said...

KNB, it's more than annoying only if you thought that the Regressive Conservatives were going to do anything different.

ex-ndip, thanks for that link, I have another for you:
"Envirotruth is a project of the National Center for Public Policy Research, which in 2003, was underwritten to the tune of $30,000 from Exxon Mobil."

Here's a couple more: