Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hunters Join Fight Against Development in BC Parks

Protest is growing over the BC Government's plan to allow commercial development inside provincial park boundaries. To date, 13 conservation groups including the The B.C. Wildlife Federation, which represents about 30,000 hunters and anglers in the province, have joined in condemning the Liberals policy.

"The government's proposal to locate lodges or resorts within the boundaries of B.C.'s wilderness parks should bring concern if not outrage to all British Columbians," says a statement issued jointly by BCWF parks committee chair Ed Mankelow and executive director Tony Toth.

Mr. Mankelow, who in 1998 toured British Columbia as part of a provincial panel to measure public attitudes on parks, said he learned then that the No. 1 concern is that "parks be maintained in perpetuity and that they not be sold, commercialized or privatized."

Develop plans extend far beyond the fixed roofed structures in Environment Minister Barry Penner talking points. The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is reporting that freedom of information documents they have obtained indicate the BC Park Lodge Strategy includes provisions for major resorts, tennis courts, ski hills and golf courses.

Freedom of information documents obtained from the BC government by the Wilderness Committee show that the BC Park Lodge Strategy also includes provisions for “major resorts” within park boundaries. According to the government documents resorts of this scale typically “include pools, tennis courts, ski hills and/or golf courses.” The documents also refer to “high end” facilities with up to 100 beds and staff housing.

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Galina Pembroke said...

Another horrific comment on how some people overvalue short-term gratification and undervalue our earth. We need our fast-declining parks and their delicate ecosystems intact.