Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mines Threaten World Heritage Parks

The world's top agency for cultural stewardship and awareness is condemning Canada for bowing to industry interests in two designated World Heritage sites - the Northwest Territories Nahanni National Park and the parks of the Canadian Rockies.

UNESCO, the United Nations organization that oversees 830 World Heritage sites including 13 of this country's most significant historic attractions and wild spaces has red-flagged its concerns about mining and other potentially disruptive activities near the two western parks.

Despite the efforts of numerous environmental groups - including CPAWS, Sierra Legal and the Pembina Institute - the door continues to be held open for mining developments that threaten the ecological integrity of Nahanni and the Rockies.

Toss in our collective failure in protecting the non-UNESCO Clayoquot Sound and you can credit Canada with an anti green hat-trick.

Click here to sign the Nahanni petition.

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