Monday, August 14, 2006

Saving Old Growth One Click at a Time

With one click you can save a section of old growth forest in Sweden. "Ett klick for skogen" is Swedish for "A click for the forest" and with each click, their sponsors contribute towards the purchase old growth forests. To date 70 hectares have been protected. With your help, this number will grow.

Global warming is a global problem, so a tree in Sweden helps reduce CO2 as well as a tree in Ontario. You can click as often as you like, so visit often and help protect these forests and combat climate change. You can also make a direct donation.


Oberon said...'re doing a great job.

Jean McDermott said...

Hello there Canadian neighbor! The Swedish picture looks just like Alaska. :-)

Thanks for posting this!

g00d_news said...

hi there,

Thanks for submitting this at Good News Network!

where is the beautiful photo from?

Odiyya said...

Thanks. The photo is from the website. A photographer has contributed shots of the swedish forests there. You can visit all the shots here