Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sewage Lawsuit Launched Against Vancouver

A major prosecution was launched today against the City of Vancouver. Following the news from two weeks ago that Victoria would be required to end the practice of dumping raw sewage into the ocean, Sierra Legal has launched a lawsuit against the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Province of BC for their failure to address toxic pollution from the Lions Gate sewage treatment plant.

The lawsuit seeks to force the GVRD into implementing secondary sewage treatment at both its Lions Gate plant in West Vancouver and the Iona plant in Richmond. Currently, those facilities are limited to primary treatment, which only removes a fraction of the suspended solids and toxic chemicals from the sewage while failing to adequately treat for heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants. Secondary treatment would remove 90% of pollutants including mercury and PCBs.

“My investigation revealed that Lions Gate sewage frequently fails scientific tests for fish toxicity used under the Fisheries Act" said Doug Chapman, lead investigator for Sierra Legal, "the GVRD and the Province are aware of this, and have received serious warnings from the federal government, yet continue to permit this pollution.”

For the prosecution to proceed, the charge must be confirmed before a Provincial Court Judge. That hearing is expected to occur in the coming within the next few weeks.


macadavy said...

About time! A shame that we have to resort to a lawsuit to compel our own government to do the right thing!

decoin said...

This is a pile of crap!

EX-NDIP said...

The City of Victoria has been dumping raw sewage into the Gulf forever . . . where have these Club Sierra clowns been hidinig?????
Finally the new Conservative govt is doing something about this . . . as well as situation with ships and boats in the coastal region. This of course was totally neglected by previous mostly Liberal govts. The US has had tough regulations in Pugit Sound for decades as well as requiring all pleasure boats with heads to have holding tanks.

Odiyya said...

A few clarifications (as usual) ex-ndip.

I don't know who the "club sierra clowns" are, but i assume you mean the Sierra Club. Sierra Legal is an completely separate organization from Sierra Club, and they have been addressing the sewage issue in Victoria almost as soon as their inception in the early '90s.

As for you Conservative banter, you'll need to read my reply to you in my July post "Victoria Must Tackle Sewage Treatment". Your praising of the Tories is inaccurate and ill founded as it was the Liberals who intiated and or passed the laws you're referring to.