Monday, August 28, 2006

Survivorman Goes Off the Grid

Canada's most loved outdoors man is going off the grid. Lee Stroud of OLN's Survivorman has a new program to show us all how important living on the grid really is(n't).

While renegotiating doing another season of “Survivorman™”, Les Stroud is producing two one-hour specials for Canada's OLN (Outdoor Life Network) called “Stroud... Off The Grid”. This new and captivating show will highlight Les’ family's move to their 150 acre bush lot with solar power, rain harvesting systems, and many new technologies for living an energy-conscious and self-sustaining life. “Stroud…Off the Grid” episode 1 will premiere in Fall 2006.

Given Stroud's usual adventures, this latest project should be like going on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Please see my diary on The Next Agenda where I describe the agenda of certain Americans who have their eye on our water.

Read it and you will understand why I shamelessly promote it here.


Muad'Dib said...

Sweet. I love his shows. He and that chubby Bushcraft guy!