Tuesday, August 22, 2006

VoW: Wal-Mart's Greening & Lee Scott Interview

The buzz continues over Wal-Mart's green plans. Given the company's past transgressions, skeptics will remain rightfully vigilant regarding the companies actions; however, this is a move that makes sense on more than a public relations front.

As the world's largest global company and retailer, Wal-Mart's prices, revenue and most importantly margin, rely on the global acquisition and transportation of goods. Which means that their bottom line is intimately influenced by the world's energy prices. Unlike Exxon and BP, higher energy prices take away from Wal-Mart's bottom line, leading to a real business incentive for them to cut transport costs and go green.

Whether they credit their new green leaf to company values, consumer demands, or the bottom line is largely irrelevant. What does matter is their commitment to action, and so long as both parts of that equation - commitment and action - remain strong, the progressive community is best advised to throw their voice in support of Wal-Mart's environmental efforts. The fight for labor rights can come next.

Here's the Video of the Week. Wal-Mart's CEO Lee Scott interviewed by Charlie Rose.

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