Saturday, August 05, 2006

The World's Looming Water Wars

As global warming continues its assualt on our ecosystems, increased drought and water shortages will be two of its most significant impacts. Here is an outline of some of the top hot spots of future water conflicts according to ENN.

  • India and Pakistan
  • India and Bangladesh
  • Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian Territories
  • Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
  • Turkey, Syria and Iraq

These areas represent massive crossing points of culture, religion, historical unrest and oil, and given that they already represent some of the most significant areas of conflict in the modern world, the strain and the consequences of water shortages they face will be an additional destabalizing influence for all of us.


macadavy said...

How about the US and Canada? As the yanks get thirstier, they'll come after ours...

Anonymous said...

How about Canada's own water wars? With Harper handing industries like softwood over, what stand will he take with water?
Yes, the world, especially the mid-east, is coming to the conclusion that MINE isn't the only option, cannot be the only option if ANY are to survive.
Sooner or later the people and governments on Earth will realize that we do live in a bubble.
All we have is here, right now, with us. All here now with us.
This is it folks, the end of the line. When politics takes over the basic necessities of life, there will be no life.
Some people might think that they can make money off the glut of water, sell it to thirsty people for a profit. Sooner or later though, the water will run out and it will be like a 18th century gold miner trying to defend his stake. It will be hopeless.
It's time that people looked beyond their own selves and start to look toward the balance that is required to keep this old Earth going.
The Earth cares nothing about you. It will sustain you as long as you are not a cancer, and that's it. It's not a coddling kind of mother. Earth demands responsible occupants.
Countries can do this and that, deny water and food to certain populations as a means of control, but above all is Earth, and Earth will not differentiate between rich and poor like humanity is prone to; Earth will exact the toll from each and every living thing on this planet without regard.
So, seems to me that the best thing to do would be to honour Earth, and any humanity-based problems Earth suffers should be minimized or eradicated.
Earth will do no less.

The Artist said...

Important issues, best wishes, The Artist

Odiyya said...

Canada and the US is certainly an area where water tensions will continue. The cynical truth of this in my mind, however, is that we'll never see a water war here. The US will continue to slip toes through the door through free trade and similar treaties, until we're willing handing over our water, with a select minority profiting from it, and the environment footing the bill.

Much the same as the oil sands, but that's another tangent.

Robert Metcalfe said...

Please see my post at regarding how wars can have an effect upon sustainable development.

Indeed, the dependence of society and the economy upon the environment cannot be seen more clearly than in its relation to water. The availability and management of water is increasingly seen as perhaps the defining constraint upon development, with an increasing number of countries reaching conditions of water scarcity. For example, by 2025, IWMI (2000) estimates that 78% of the world’s population will live in areas facing some degree of water scarcity.

Nice times ahead eh?