Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Antarctic Ice Core Goes Back 800,000 years

The latest Antarctic ice core sends our climate history back 800,000 years, and once again the message is crystal clear - people are impacting carbon dioxide levels in unprecedented ways and are posing a danger to the health of our planet.

For Canada, there is both good and bad news. While a recent poll indicates that 77% of Canadians believe that we should meet or exceed our commitments under Kyoto, the Harper government appears poised to do little about it. A sneak preview of their upcoming environment plan, in addition to recently leaked documents suggest that the Tories will shelve or delay action on climate change for some time, perhaps indefinitely, while they seek to convince Canadians that they are addressing the issue through battling smog.

I can only guess that given Harper's Alberta voter base is high and dry, he sees the ultimate fate of our coastal cities to be of little concern.

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