Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ex Greenpeace Pres Spews Spin Over Science

Prior to becoming a professional spin doctor, salmon farmer, and apologist for unsustainable forestry, Patrick Moore was the cofounder of Greenpeace and served as that organization's president from 1977 to 1986. Proving that a man's beliefs follow his income, he has now become the latest "skeptic" in the lucrative business of misrepresenting the legitimate scientific evidence of global warming.

Last week the esteemed Royal Society, the world's oldest scientific society, issued a letter to Exxon rightfully criticizing them for funding groups that misrepresent the scientific facts of climate change. In that letter, the Royal Society accurately outlined the current scientific consensus on global warming, while quoting peer reviewed studies referencing more than 300 scientific papers that confirm the role of human generated CO2 in rising world temperatures.

In a response that wouldn't hold water in a junior high school debating club, Patrick Moore accused the Royal Society of repressing science.

"It appears to be the policy of the Royal Society to stifle dissent and silence anyone who may have doubts about the connection between global warming and human activity," said Patrick Moore, "The last thing the world needs is for the Royal Society to cast a chill over science. That kind of repression seems more suited to the Inquisition than to a modern, respected scientific body".

In his release, Patrick Moore (who apparently holds a doctorate) cited zero peer reviewed studies and referenced, you guessed it, zero scientific papers.

This is a case of the pot, who after failing to find a kettle to call black, simply makes stuff up. It seems that the past two decades have brought as much damage to Moore's scientific knowledge as it has to his personal integrity.


Devon Rowcliffe said...
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Mark Francis said...

There is argument over how much of a Greenpeace organizer he really is as well.