Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gore Corners Bush Into Action

Al Gore has led a remarkable charge from the left that appears to have forced President Bush into action.

As Mr. Gore spoke at NYU yesterday outlining a platform of policy change to address global warming and the environment, Bush is ready to concede the global warming fight with a full policy u-turn. Perhaps as early as the next week due to Gore NYU speech, but more likely in time for January's State of the Union address, Bush is expected to announce an initiative to tackle climate change. No details are forthcoming yet, and some environmentalists are already beginning their criticism; however, the fact that Bush is recognizing the issue at all will open the door up for broader action in Washington.

The policy shift represents a remarkable coup, catalyzed by An Inconvenient Truth, but led by a remarkable range of leaders from both sides of the political fence. State governors in California and the northeast have moved ahead with their own solutions, the religious right has increasingly been campaigning for action, and the conversion of an increasing number of skeptics have all combined to push the US towards a tipping point on action.

The battle may need to continue, but with Bush beginning to take action we'll soon be moving in the right direction.

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