Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Right Wing Rag Hails Bush's Climate Plan

Four years after promising a plan on global warming, Bush has issued a 224 page report and 100 year timeline that offers no foreseeable results. Titled the US Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan (USCCTPSP), the plan was released on the heels of Al Gore's visionary speech at NYU in a limp effort by the administration to divert attention away from Gore's address and the climate crisis.

Hailed by big business and right wing rags, Bush's report rounds up existing subsidies to nuclear, so called 'clean coal', and ethanol industries under one umbrella while offering a miniscule 7% increase to technology funding already in place.

In summary, the overall strategy is to provide miniscule funding to high efficiency technologies (that nobody will buy given a marketplace full of wasteful low cost options) while failing to do the one thing that would promote the use of cleaner technologies - imposing a cost or cap on carbon dioxide emissions.

If I didn't know this was real, I'd swear I was reading a story from The Onion.


byates said...

I would encourage people to follow Vice President Gore's example; don't use wind energy credits, profit from oil drilling in enviromentally sensitive areas, profit from polluting the enviroment, and last but not least don't call or tele-commute when you could drive or fly instead. Also, enocurage others to drive and fly to see you or your movie instead of distributing by RF or internet.

Odiyya said...

Obviously your either gullible or haven't read my previous posts. That crap you're talking about is all lies and has been thoroughly refuted online.