Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shell's President Demands Action On Global Warming

Stating that the debate over global warming is over, the President of Shell Oil is denouncing US leaders for failing to come up with a strategy to address climate change. In a pointed statement, John Hofmeister called the US a "culture of excess" that uses 25% of the Earth's energy despite having only 8% of the population.

The AP reported today that Shell Oil Company president John Hofmeister publicly denounced U.S. leaders for not piecing together a strategy to combat global warming. He believes the debate over the science of climate change is over and says, "It's a waste of time to debate it. Policymakers have a responsibility to address it. The nation needs public policy. We'll adjust."

Mr. Hofmeister joins recent high profile leaders who are speaking out against Bush's inaction. Included in that list is California Governor Schwarzenegger, who successfully worked with both state Democrats and Republicans to pass the nation's most aggressive strategy to fight global arming, also directed strong words towards the President.

"I don't think one should look at greenhouse gas emissions or global warming as a political issue," Schwarzenegger told ABC News. "So, if that policy of fighting global warming is against our, the Bush Administration, then so be it."

And on Wednesday, Al Gore predicted that, thanks to California's leadership and pressure from other prominent Republicans, George Bush would shift his current policy stance on global warming.

With the voice of the world's third largest oil company now added to the company supporting action, real progress in the debate is finally occurring. Even the dilusional skeptics of global warming will need to pause now that corporate leaders who profit from fossil fuels are coming forward with some of the strongest words in support of climate change action.

However, despite some progress in the United States, Canada is lagging behind. Harper had best be watching events south of the boreder carefully, as the only thing that could make him look worse in the eyes of environmental voters than he already does is coming up second to George W in addressing global warming.

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Of Life & Things said...

Well it's about time too. We need people in this sort of position to be making these sort of statements...but words are not enough by themselves, we need action and pressure brought to bear on the worlds governments.

That's my two pence worth...