Monday, September 25, 2006

Sir David Attenborough's "Are We Changing Planet Earth" on CBC

Last night, CBC Newsworld ran "Are We Changing Planet Earth" the latest documentary by legendary UK broadcaster Sir David Attenborough that explores the unprecedented impact of humans on the world's climate.

Part 2 airs Wednesday and features sensible, manageable, and meaningful changes available right now that can can save our planet without having us return to the days of horse and buggies. Details as follows:

Showtime is Wednesday September 27 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC's The Big Picture, followed by a debate on the solutions we have at hand for addressing this global problem. The documentary will repeat on Sunday October 1 at 7pm ET on CBC Newsworld.

Below is yesterday's opener in two parts. Even for those well versed in the story of climate change, the rare visuals and cinematography of Attenboroughs production is captivating. Check out the clips and tune in for this week's segment.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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