Thursday, October 12, 2006

Canada's Top CO2 Polluters Exposed

Is it any wonder Harpers green plan approach will do nothing to reduce greenhouse gases?

On the heels of this weeks non-announcement on the Tories non-action on global warming, PollutionWatch has made published a database on the nation's top greenhouse gas producers. To the surprise of nobody, Alberta - the breadbasket of Harpers support - is Canada's top producer of greenhouse gas pollution by a long shot, ranking 41% higher than second place Ontario.

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(reported by large industrial facilities in 2004)

In addition to ranking provinces visitors can also see a listing of the top polluting companies in the nation. For more details visit the PullutionWatch website.


Liberal Pebbles said...

Alberta is on e of the only provinces to generate power almost solely from coal. If Alberrta was blessed with abundant hydro potential, or had decided in the 80s to go nuclear like Ontario I am sure the situation would be much differrent today.

To solely blame the Oil & gas industry in Alberta is like blaming the auto industry in Ontario of the aluminum industry in Quebec. It ignores the wholeness of the economy in each jurisdiction, and the personal responsibilities of consumers.

Also, should Alberta be accountable for emissions generated in producing oil and gas for other jurisdictions?

Alberta only consumes at most a fifth (I would guess 2-3 hundred thousand barrels a day) of its production a day. If the end consumers weren't buying (americans mostly) Alberta wouldn't be producing.

Who's really responsible here?

macadavy said...

Yeah, Alberta tops the list, here's why:

BTW - Have you seen the article 'Stolen Rivers' in this month's 'Common Ground'?

macadavy said...

And have you seen this?

Odiyya said...

To LP,

Who is really to blame? Alberta is. Just as BC is to blame for the unsustainability of its logging practices (regardless of where the timber goes), just as Ontario is for environmental impact of their manufacturing sector (regardless of where the cars are sold), and just as maritime provinces are responsible for policies that deplete oceanic fishing stocks (regardless of where the catch is sold).

To say otherwise is an ultimate in passing the buck. "The market is there, so its not our fault."

What I've never understood is why a more conservative mindset is all over personal responsibility when it comes to crime, but when it comes to the negative impact of business activities the so called free market "get out of jail free card" is waved as a carte blanche to allow anything.

mac - thanks for the links. both were excellent.