Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clean Air Pledge Goes Up in Smog

In the aftermath of yesterday's green plan approach non-announcement by the Conservatives, Rona Ambrose is defending her party's plan against the critics, not the least of which was Jim Ibbitson of the Globe, who leveled a frank but devastating critique of the Conservatives.

Ultimately, the Tory smog plan will outline the rules that will allow smog and co2 producing industries to increase the amount of pollution they eject into the environment through the establishment of "intensity based targets". An intensity based target is a crony-fied piece of industry jargon, invented by George Bush, that specifies a reduction in emissions per unit produced (i.e. per barrel of oil or per tonne of coal). The problem is that if production increases (i.e. more units) the total amount of pollution is going to increase according to the following formula:

current pollution - small per unit reduction in emissions x BIG increase in production = BIG F@#!IN' INCREASE IN SMOG!!!
That is a real problem for Canada where oil sands production is expected to at least double by 2015. The net result? In the coming years you can look forward to more greenhouse gases, more global warming, more smog and more asthma.

Personally, I believed that the Conservative's plan approach would deliver some minimal amount of real results on smog, while my problem has been his attempted snow job on the issue of global warming. Instead, Harper's approach has been a snow job on all fronts while fulfilling the opposition's dream - by demonstrating how out of touch he actually is with Canadians desire for real action on environmental issues.


Procrastinatrix said...

Great post. I like your equation.

HearHere said...

Interesting as to how you can critique a legislation BEFORE it is tabled in the house and BEFORE you know what is in it. There is parliamentary rules that details of a legislation cannot be disclosed until it is tabled in the house of commons. This is for all good and practical reasons including preventing anyone from profitting from prior knowledge. In other words, the Clean Air Act is under embargo until it is tabled. The announcement that "iot will be tabled" and details given in broad terms only is in keeping with legislated parliamentary rules. Any "leaks" would be an extreme breech of parliament.
So, tell me again how you are able to critique and criticize a bill that you have not seen and know nothing about.
Just curious.

Odiyya said...

Eeasily hearhere. I read.

Harper has already announced that his initiatives will be intensity based. If you didn't pick that up from this post, then perhaps you could have taken the time to read about elsewhere. For instance here, here, here, here and here.

If reading is too onerous for you, you can also see Harpers speech here.

As for leaks and breaches of parliament, the plan has already been leaked deliberately and by your beloved conservatives, which you can read about here or here.

Interesting how you can write a full paragraph criticizing an article with no apparent knowledge of what is in the press or what information has been released.

So tell me again how you are able to critique and criticize political commentary on issues you know nothing about?

Just curious.