Sunday, October 01, 2006

Conservatives Given Climate Change Warning

The Auditor General of Canada has issued a scathing report on Canada's action on global warming up to this point and sent a single clear message to Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Act now.

"Our future is at stake," Johanne Gelinas, the commissioner of the environment and sustainable development, said in a report that states Canada has moved far too slowly to cut greenhouse gas emissions and performed even worse on planning for drought, storms and other inevitable impacts of climate change.

The report includes statements that the government accepts all of Gelinas' recommendations and will consider them as it completes its own "made in Canada environmental agenda," to be unveiled next month.

"I expect the government's new plan to spell out clearly how these recommendations will be taken into account."

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the date of the AG report was known well in advance, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose was missing in action and unavailable for telephone interviews, as she chose to wait out the report in Alberta, home of the oil sands where greenhouse gases are expected to double by 2015.

To date, reports have indicated that the Conservative's forthcoming "Made in Canada" plan to tackle climate change will do little to address necessary CO2 reductions.

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