Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Conservatives Rhetoric Announces An End Of Rhetoric

Stephen Harper, Rona Ambrose and other key members of the Tory cabinet were in Vancouver today to announce that the Conservatives will introduce their Clean Air Act before the House of Commons next week. In announcing the introduction of their green plan approach, Harper was quoted as follows:

"Our new national government has a new approach", said Harper, "This approach will mark a fundamental departure from the approach of the previous government." He concluded by adding that his green plan approach "is going to replace rhetoric with results."

Few details of the plan approach were given, nor was a reason given why he and a gaggle of cabinet minister flew all the way to Vancouver to offer the upcoming non-details.

Tune in next week for more results rhetoric.


knb said...

He concluded by adding that his green plan approach "is going to replace rhetoric with results."

Right, a year from now maybe, that is if they are through with their consultations.

Great pic of Harper btw. It kind of suggests, "Who me, I'm really PM now! Wheee!"

Walrus said...

I have to admit, your title made me hoot with laughter. But I'll wait till next week to decide whether to throw rocks or roses.

Miss Krin said...

A nice balance of cycnicsm and humour. Thank you for the lunchtime giggle.

Jason Bo Green said...

Today's announcement was a disappointment to this non-partisan environmentalist, I'm going to bed with a heavy heart.

However, no Liberal has any right or credibility to criticize the current government on the environment. The Liberals were a pathetic failure on a pressing concern, and can all shut the hell right up. No one is interested in what Liberals have to say on the matter - please understand, you are irrelevant on this issue, and no one but partisans buys your spin.

While I'm tremendously disappointed in Harper and Ambrose, it's still more action than the Liberals were able to muster during 3 majorities and 1 minority. Why? Simply because they don't give a flying fuck about the environment.

I'll vote Green before I vote Liberal again.

SouthernOntarioan said...

Good points Odiyya. And well said JBG.

I am quite frustrated with the Tories on this issue, I had hoped that Harper (a fellow asthma sufferer - or former asthma sufferer) would have more than just a speech to announce that he'll make an announcement next week. However, if they come out with a half-decent plan with some clear goals and steps I'll be mollified.

As a promoter of public transit systems, the hints I'm hearing about increased financing for it are like music to my ears.