Friday, October 06, 2006

Feds Slammed for Failing to Protect Drinking Water

Despite frequent high profile cases of drinking water contamination - including Walkerton, North Battleford, and Kashechewan - Canada continues to lag in assuring the safety of drinking water to its citizens. This is the message from the Sierra Legal Defence Fund who released Waterproof 2: Canada's Drinking Water Report Card today.

In evaluating the drinking water systems of all 13 provinces and territories the report notes improved conditions since Walkerton, but slams the federal government for relying on patchwork provincial laws and failing to pass binding national standards for drinking water safety throughout the country. Unlike the United States and the European Union, Canada has no minimum national standards on drinking water, resulting in an 'F' grade going to the Feds.

Ontario garnered the nation's top grade for largely implementing the recommendations of the Walkerton Commission. Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia are the only provinces outside of Ontario to require advanced treatment of drinking water, such as state-of-the-art filtration.

So after failing to provide any leadership on climate change yesterday, it looks like Rona will now have to answer for Canada's failures to protect its drinking water.

Summary grades are below. You can also read the complete report online.

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wilson61 said...

''The number of boil-water advisory days in municipalities across Canada increased 24 pr cent between 1993 and 1998, says the report.
More recent data are not available.''

We are getting a report that is dated to 1998? Why is there no current data available on 'boil water orders'?

Air, water and soil contamination is bigger to me than the global warming issue, because, we (government/tax payers) can control the environment immediately around us, but we can not force another nation to stop using coal.
Scientists are shocked at the increasing number of non-smokers getting lung cancer. You know it is what we breath, eat and drink. This has got to be #1 on the enviro to-do list!!