Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oil Glutton to Head US Energy Policy

Former Exxon CEO, recipient of one of the largest bonuses in world history, and poster child for corporate excess - Lee "Fat Bastard" Raymond - has been tapped by the Bush Administration to develop national energy policies.

"..the environment is real. You can smell it. In parts of Houston, you can grab hunks of it with your hands and use it to lube your car! And if there is a single face you might want to use to personify this evil (climate change), he was in the news this week: the retiring and handsomely-compensated chairman of Exxon Mobil, Lee 'Fat Bastard' Raymond."

- Bill Maher, from Real Time Apr 21, 2006

Under Lee Raymond's tenure, Exxon was a world leader not only in oil profits but also in funding groups who undermine global warming science.

One needs to be more than a little skeptical when a man whose parting gift from the oil industry was a $400 million dollar cheque is charged with forging a climate responsible energy plan in the era of global warming.

Via: charge: the future of energy

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