Friday, October 20, 2006

Painting Harper's Political Corner

Opposition Liberals, Bloc and NDP have stated they will vote against the Conservatives green plan tabled yesterday before Parliament. Though it would not represent a confidence vote for the minority Conservatives, the defeat of their so called green plan would be the second time in recent months that the Tories have been outvoted in parliament and place Stephen Harper in a tenuous political corner.

For Stephen Harper the risks are real. In the face of a poor strategy in Afghanistan, a bigoted stance on gay marriage, the selling out of Canadian interests in softwood lumber, and opposition to the Kyoto protocol, Harper has hedged his party's salability on delivering improved air quality. With yesterday's confirmation that his green plan will do nothing to abate smog for decades that salability is called into serious question.

Canadians oppose our current involvement in Afghanistan, we want recognition of the rights of all people, we want action on global warming, and we want better air quality. In the first three issues Harper publicly disagrees with Canadians. The last point, improving air quality, he publicly endorses while simultaneously proving incapable of delivering on.

And so the self-dubbed billed party of results has delivered only rhetoric while showing how out of step they are with every voter who does not own stock in Shell or Suncor.

Check your egg timer folks, because this government is cooked.

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Berlynn said...

I don't disagree with the points you raise about what Canadians want, Odiyya. But I do disagree with your last statement, that this government is cooked.

Harper is a wily bastard and he is going to try to use this to his advantage. As a result, now more than ever we -- all of us -- who believe in equality for all, are against war, and care about our environment have to be a strong, vocal and united voice for sustainable development, peace and equality and not just against Harper and his NGC.