Friday, October 06, 2006

Run Rona Run

I'm not going to waste a lot of print space pointing out the obvious.

Yesterday, Rona Ambrose returned to Ottawa to address the Environment Commissioner's report on climate change released last week. In that report, the Commissioner called on the federal government to establish clear priorities and plans to address Kyoto commitments and global warming. Since that report was issued, Ambrose has fulfilled the Commissioner's call with a clarity and conviction rarely seen in Canadian politics. For those who were asleep at the wheel for the past week, here is a summary of Ms. Ambrose's response to the report:

  • She hid in Alberta during its release
  • She named a climate 'skeptic' as her new chief of staff
  • She downgraded the Tories Made in Canada plan to address global warming into an "approach"
  • She voted against a bill in support of Kyoto that was passed by opposition parties in the House of Commons.
  • She blamed everyone but herself for the Conservative's failures, and
  • She stated point blank that carbon emissions are not the top environmental priority for her government.

And so it is. Rona and the Conservatives have laid out their Made in Canada plan approach with crystal clarity, despite failing to table a single new initiative before Parliament or the Canadian people. Rarely has the Canadian public been gifted with such a clear statement of their government's agenda, and I'm wholly confident that Canadians will be equally clear in their message to the Conservatives when we next return to the voting booths.


Tuco said...

And then those scare tactics she was trying to use to explain how much it would cost the average home-owner to heat their houses if strict Kyoto plans went in place here in Canada. I think some big oil boys had a good talk with Ms. Ambrose.

Berlynn said...

Well, of course they did. I mean, why else was she hiding out in AB, except to cosy up with her buddies to study the report and adopt an answer. You know their money is going into the next election (possibly this spring) and so they will have to have their needs met. Poor dears, so underprivileged, aren't they?