Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Schwarzenegger Joins NE States in Global Warming Fight

New York Governor George Pataki and Governor Schwarzenegger have signed an agreement that will see California join seven northeast states in a climate change partnership. The deal will take effect in 2009 and establish a carbon trading system to allow carbon polluting power plants to buy credits from those that are cutting their greenhouse gas emissions.

The move is the latest in a host of climate friendly initiatives that Schwarzenegger has either backed or tabled in recent months, with other notable moves including requiring a 25% reduction in California's c02 emissions by 2020; calling for the installation of 1 million rooftop solar units by 2018; and joining British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a new agreement to fight global warming while vocally criticizing Bush's lack of action.

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Miles Lunn said...

It is interesting that both Pataki and Schwartznegger are Republicans. This just comes to show how regressive the current Conservatives. Rather than following the moderate Republicans who aren't hated by most Americans, they have chosen to follow the ideological ones who are rightfully going to get their asses kicked this November.