Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Science Idol: Winner of the UCS Cartoon Contest

The excellent Union of Concerned Scientists website has announced a winner in their Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest. Launched in June of this year, the contest has sought to raise awareness and help combat the rampant undermining of science going on in the United States, and increasingly taking root in Canada.

Here is the winning cartoon:

Personally, I preferred the following two, but such are personal preferences:

You can visit their site to see the other 11 finalists, as well as order your 2007 calendar featuring the artists works.

More importantly, for anyone concerned with accurate and well written commentary on environmental concerns, I highly recommend the Union of Concerned Scientists website. It is far and away one of the best online resources on a host of issues ranging from climate change, nuclear power and proliferation, GMOs and cutting edge technology.

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