Thursday, October 26, 2006

Top Ten Consumers of Earth's Resources

This week, the WWF released its Living Planet Report. In addition to the broadly publicized soundbite that we will need two planet Earths by the year 2050 to supply our needs, the report also provided valuable information on the per capita impact of each country.

The ecological footprint was calculated for each nation, measured as the number of hectares required to supply the resources used by one person from a given country. The United States and Canada finished 2nd and 4th respectively, with the United Arab Emirates taking top spot due almost exclusively to the impacts of its fossil fuel industry.

Compiled below are the ten countries with the highest per capita impact on the planet.

Country Ecological Footprint

United Arab Emirates 11.9
United States 9.6
Finland 7.6
Canada 7.6
Kuwait 7.3
Australia 6.6
Estonia 6.5
Sweden 6.1
New Zealand 5.9


Matt Burge said...

Hang on a minute, where's the UK on this list? Are they seriously suggesting NZ'ers consume more per capita than Brits?

Read about the 'Siberian Timebomb' at our blog by following the link back. It's THE most important E-news you'll have ever read.

Odiyya said...

UK is not good, but there really is no way any European country can compete with the consumption habits of new world nations.

Britain comes in at 15 with a footprint of 5.6. For the record, the other nations pegged ahead of the UK are Denmark, Norway, Belgium and France.

If anyone wants it I've compiled the charts from the WWF pdf into an excel sheet. I can email it to anyone who is interested.