Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tories Embarrassed as Opposition Passes Climate Bill

In a victorious 152 - 115 vote, the opposition Liberal, Bloc and NDP embarrassed the governing Conservatives by passing a bill that would oblige the government to respect its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.

The bill's stated purpose is "to ensure that Canada takes effective and timely action to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and help address the problem of climate change."

Conservative MPs found themselves in the awkward position of voting against a bill which calls on them to uphold a treaty which they claim to support.

The bill now goes to the Commons environment committee for study, before returning for a third reading before Parliament.

Further revealing the Conservatives true intentions, their own much flaunted "Made in Canada" plan has now been downgraded to an approach. "The details of the plan — sorry, I shouldn't say plan, the approach — will be coming some time shortly," said Mark Cooper, senior official in the office of Environment Minister Rona Ambrose.

After months of promising a comprehensive ``Made-in-Canada" environment plan, word from the federal Conservative government is there won't be a formal plan after all.

Since being elected last winter, the Conservatives have deferred most questions about environmental issues by referring to the coming plan.

If there is anyone remaining who is standing up for the Conservative's intentions towards the environment, they're either illiterate or should be sharing whatever they're smoking (oops, scratch that thought).

This of course occurs in the lead up to Rona Ambrose's return to Ottawa, after a week spent seeking asylum with the Alberta oil industry during the release of the Auditor General's scathing call to action on global warming.

Sounds like a government on the run to me. We'll find out tomorrow when Rona Ambrose is expected to address the Auditor General's report from Ottawa.


Miles Lunn said...

Certainly this is an embarassment, although I expect they will ignore it. For us Liberals our hope is to defeat them early next year, so this bill will be implemented after then. For the Tories they hope to get a majority in which case they can easily repeal the bill. It will only be a long-term embarassment if the next election results in another Tory minority.

fragmunt said...

Outstanding blog! The Asylum in particular is great repartee.
My style would lean towards announcing Conservatives ... in general .... with Steve and Rona in particular .... are assholes.
Yours is funny and fun.

Odiyya said...

Thanks fragmunt. I was tempted but do try to keep things G rate. Success at that is always variable

Anonymous said...

I hope we can get a new environment plan that is just like the old Liberal plan. That would be 10 years and 6 billion dollars for Sweet F All. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Steve is an a-hole, but at least Rona Ambrose is good-looking. She is a horrible environment minister, but I would happily go out with her if she asked me to.

Saskboy said...

I'll be linking to your assessment of the "plan". It's as I suspected, but reserved judgement until the Fall. Well, Fall has arrived and the plan has not, so now it's time to bring out the heavy criticism of the Conservatives MIA Made in Canada environment plan. In this case MIA doesn't stand for Missing In Action, it's "Made in America".

Dylan said...

I'd be just as inclined to go out with Rona Ambrose as I would Ann Coulter.

They're both nutcases. Simple.

As for the other anonymous comment (don't you love 'em?) 10 years and 6B is really nothing. If that kind of deal was struck for the military instead of the Environment, I bet you'd be screaming over it not being sufficiant.

kevvyd said...

This is definitely good news, but I would trust the Liberals a little bit more on the issue if they had actually done something about emmissions when they were in power. The upside is that if the Liberals do get back in power in the next couple of years, this issue (and this vote) will be staring them in the face.

leftdog said...

Every time these buggers (can I say that?) get spanked, I smile.

Let this be a reminder to all of the loud mouth blathering right wingers that their days in power are numbered. If I had my way, that would have been a confidence motion and these scoundrels would be OUT of power this morning!

Anonymous said...

The Liberals should read the Auditor General's report before saying one word on Kyoto. Six billion in announced spending and no results. Little accountability on spending.

It sound just like the gun registry but three times more expensive.

The Liberals had their chance and blew it.