Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ambrose Dividing Canada Over Kyoto

In the latest spin effort by the two time defending Fossil of the Day award winner, Canadian Environment Minister Rona Ambrose used her speech at the UN Climate Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, to try to convince the world that Kyoto is being used by opposition parties to divide Canada.

Ms Ambrose cites the Tory Clean Air Act - legislation so thoroughly criticized by Canadian media and opposition parties that she can no longer talk about it in her own country - as proof of the Conservative's commitment.

Fortunately, the international community is not buying her line any more than Canadians are. French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin responded to Canadian inaction by urging the European Union to impose a punitive import tax on goods from countries such as Canada that refuse to sign on to a tougher second phase of the global warming deal.

Dominique de Villepin said countries that do not commit to new targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions should not be allowed to benefit by avoiding the costs associated with reducing global warming. He said France would make specific proposals for the European Union to discuss in the new year.

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose was not aware of the details of the French proposal

The other thing that Ms. Ambrose seems unaware of is that her Conservatives are a minority government, representing a minority of Canadians. The majority of this country supports Kyoto as well as strong action on climate change, so it is you Ms Ambrose who are attempting to divide the country on this issue. Not the other way around.


Shannon said...

Stange. I didn't see such big headlines when Stephane Dion was awarded the same Fossil of the Day award by environmentalists last year at the Climate Change Conference in Montreal.

Surely he deserved as much "recognition" for the same award as Ms. Ambrose?

Odiyya said...

In this case, mostly because The Conscious Earth has only existed since May.

As I said to an earlier responder, when facing the greatest threat to our combined future ever confronted, choosing how much blame to doll out to Dion versus ambrose is a pretty flacid criticism.

OttawaCon said...

In point of fact, the Villepin proposal is not a response to any recent events, it has been around for a few months. It parallels a discussion since May in the European Parliament.

Bob The Red said...

great post. I wish the game of passing -the-blame would stop and the commitment would start.

Calvin Jones said...

I have just put up a post with a series of links to the best blogs that i have found covering the Nairobi climate talks.

I think some of these may be of interest. If you have any additions then let me know and I will append them.

It is my intention that this post serves as a hub for blog coverage of the talks, if you would like to link to the post that would be great. Many of these blogs are new and therefore difficult to find through technorati/google blog search, and I think there is some value in highlighting blogs that are from rather than mearly about the events unfolding.

Calvin Jones