Monday, November 06, 2006

Aussie Voters Not Buying Anti-Kyoto Line

On the heels of a poll released last week indicating that 79% of Australians want the government to sign on to Kyoto, a new poll shows that 91% of citizens want the government to do more about global warming, including cutting the country's reliance on coal. Coal is a major export for Australia, while coal fired generation accounts for 80% of Australia's electricity supply.

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daharja said...

As an Australian I can confirm that our government is failing to listen to us. Australians want sustainability, and again and again we hear nothing but excuses and doubletalk. Nothing is done.

Climate change is on everyone's minds here, as we are in the grip of the worst 'drought' ever, and water restrictions become more severe day by day. My baby son doesn't know what rain is, it is so rare.

Yet still the government exports masses of coal, still our economy is dependent on unsustainable farming of beef and dairy, and still the majority have not made the connection between what they eat and how much they drive, and the fact that our rivers are gone.