Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BC Residents To Protest Coal Power

British Columbia is continuing its march towards the dark ages by pursuing coal fired generation plants.

To date, no coal fired power station has been built in BC, but the Liberal government plans to change that by awarding a contract to build a new coal power plant in Princeton, BC.

Coal power plants are North America's number one source of mercury. And while 1 in 12 American women of child bearing years have blood mercury level high enough to harm an unborn baby, BC has remained blissfully free of similar health concerns thanks to a legacy of responsible choice in favour of clean energy.

BC now faces a choice - to honour and continue that legacy by embracing the province's massive untapped potential for renewable energy, or cave in to business pressure and fossil fuel reliance while causing mercury pollution and a 120% increase in the province's greenhouse gas emissions.

The BC Liberal government was one of many groups active in the Sumas Energy 2 battle (SE2), which successfully stopped an American natural gas burning plant from being built directly across the border, citing air quality concerns for Canadians. Now Canadian residents are being asked to shoulder the health and climate impacts of coal power by the same government that opposed SE2.

Citizen's opposing BC's use of coal are encouraged to attend a protest rally at B.C. Environment Minister Barry Penner’s office in Chilliwack on Thursday afternoon.

Details of tomorrow's rally below:
  • Date: Thursday, November 23rd.
  • Time: 3:30 p.m
  • Location: #105 – 8615 Young Street, Chilliwack, BC


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, our blog Off The Grid finished atop the Sci/Tech category in round 1 voting for the Canadian Blog Awards :-)

Tom said...

At UBC tonight with Seirra Club and David Suzuki Foundation and BC Environmental Network saying nothing of coal except that it is happenning when in fact there is time to stop it. Both of the coal proposals have to go through an environmental assessment.
Our rivers and energy systems are being stolen. Our air is being sacraficed to global coal money as is our water to a few of the world's wealthiest. There is still time for the public to speak and save their air and water but time is very tight.

Anonymous said...

Take a trip out to Lake Wabamun, AB and let me know how many plumes of black smoke like you have depicted here you see there.

While you are at it, take a look around at the gorgeous lake, used recreationally by tens of thousands every summer. Take a look around at the thriving trees, the clean water.

Then tell me again how coal power is the devil.

Odiyya said...

Yes Lake Wabamun, the sight of CN's derailment and oil spill. A lovely testament to the legacy of fossil fuels. I couldn't have picked a better illustration myself.

As for coal, the look of the lake is irrelevant. The problem with coal is two fold - mercury pollution and CO2 emissions - neither of which is visible.

Alberta led the country in air pollution and has a serious mercury problem. A fact that the alberta government readily aknowledges and is now going through the expensive process of trying to reduce that mercury. Why do would you suggest BC make a similar investment in polluting power and climate disrupting emissions?

Anonymous said...

I've heard that these plants will use "Clean" technologies to somehow reduce mercury and CO2 emmissions. Any idea where to find out info on this technology online?

Anonymous said...

I've heard that these plants will use "Clean" technologies to somehow reduce mercury and CO2 emmissions. Any idea where to find out info on this technology online?