Thursday, November 16, 2006

CBC Newsworld Airs "The Denial Machine"

In the coming days, CBC Newsworld will be repeating "The Denial Machine", a special documentary on the disinformation campaign forwarded by the fossil fuel industry to deceive citizens about the greatest threat to the future of our planet.

The Denial Machine investigates the roots of the campaign to negate the science and the threat of global warming. It tracks the activities of a group of scientists, some of whom previously consulted for Big Tobacco, and who are now receiving donations from major coal and oil companies.

You can tune into CBC Newsworld on the date and times listed below, or view the program with Media Player at the Fifth Estate website. View the trailer at the bottom of this post and mark your calendars.

Upcoming showtimes:
  • Friday November 17 at 10pm ET
  • Saturday November 18 at 1 am, 4am & 9am ET
  • Sunday November 19 at6 am & 7pm ET
  • Tuesday November 21 at 4am ET


Anonymous said...


I was sure to watch it last night. You're right, it's a must see...

Odiyya said...

cheers Devin. Glad you were able to catch it.

Saskboy said...

I watched it online at the CBC site last night. I right clicked on the video and made it full screen and it played very well. Very interesting, and it's something more people need to hear. Especially the bit at the end where the creator of the BS policy said the issue is too important for politicians to simply use it as a wedge issue.