Friday, November 03, 2006

Global Warming Will Usher Arnold to 2nd Term

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 5 days away from being re-elected as California's governor. Heading into the weekend, Schwarzenegger holds a 16 point lead over the Democratic challenger Phil Angelides, a margin not seen in California in the last twenty years.

The most recent poll indicates a marked turn around in the race from earlier this year, when back in February the two opponents were in a dead heat at 39% a piece. The solid footing of the Republican governor also bucks a nation wide trend of Democratic support heading into the November 7th elections, with Schwarzenegger's surging numbers largely being credited to his strong commitments on the issue of climate change.

Arnold has succeeded where few others have in North America. Not only has he successfully reached across political lines to work with opposition Democrats, but in the process he has successfully passed the continent's strongest legislated action on global warming. And although it is too early to declare a victory in the election race, or for climate change action, the news shows that a rising environmental concern is making its way to the polls.

Recent polling places climate change as the top environmental concern among American voters - a good sign for green candidates heading into next week's elections.

Source: DeSmogBlog

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