Thursday, November 30, 2006

Refuting Global Warming "Skeptics"

As the months go on the idea that their exists "doubt" about the scientific consensus on the reality of global warming continues to surface. That was most recently seen on The Conscious Earth in a small handful of comments in the post "An Inconvenient Truth Squeezed from Classrooms".

If there is such thing as a credible global warming skeptic, they would need to meaningfully confront two powerful facts before their opinions can be taken seriously:
1) That a comprehensive review of all peer reviewed scientific studies through the past decade found every one of them confirmed that global warming is occuring and human made greenhouse gases are to blame. And,

2) That despite overwhelming scientific consensus, more than half of all news media articles surveyed give as much support to climate change 'skeptics' as they do to sound climate science.
This represents both the widespread corruption of our news media, and dismal level of critical thinking in our public discourse. Both will need to be confronted to solve global warming.

See Al Gore's commentary below.

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evilscientist said...

All just further evidence that the oil companies and their supporters are in denial about global warming in the same way that the tobacco companies are in denial about lung cancer.

Anonymous said...

How do I answer my persistent male chauvanist "scientist" friends who are so slow to get it. For example, I need to be able to explain exactly how the CO2 acts like a greenhouse, so I can show them how it traps all the heat. Can you help me?


Odiyya said...

Hi Anon, i feel your pain.

The best resource for most questions, particularly skeptics arguments, that i have found is the Grists Skeptics Page. They've gone through the mind numbingly tedious task of listing every known skeptics argument, providing the real facts, and fully backing it up with cited source links. give it a shot and see if it gives you some of the ammo you need.

The big problem though is that if your friends are scientifically inclines at all, which man skeptics are, they still suffer from rationalization. They're sucking up the info they want to hear, that supports the world as they'd like it to be, without listening to what is really going on. if you find a way to solve that one, stop back and let me know.

lay out the skeptics one line argument and provide the facts to refute it.