Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ambrose Demands Audit of Dead Programs

In colossal waste of tax payer dollars - and another clear signal that the Tories intend to do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions - Federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose has asked the Auditor General to review the Liberal climate change initiatives that her Conservative Party has already cancelled.

The Minister made the announcement before the Commons environment committee, where she faced criticism for providing conflicting statements concerning the previous Liberal government and federal climate programs. Included among these was a statement that the Liberal's wasted $100 million on international emissions credits and then later backtracking saying that no credits have been purchased. She was also accused of ignoring an internal assessment by Natural Resources Canada indicating that the Liberal climate change initiatives were in fact working.

The news confirms a Conservative government that is staunchly opposed to addressing global warming, while brazenly providing false and conflicting information to the Canadian public.

In the future Rona, you might consider actually reviewing programs and doing a fact check before making decisions, let alone opening your mouth.

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