Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Grant Greens Official Party Status

The Green Party of Canada has launched an online campaign aimed directly at the major media conglomerates to have them included in the next election's television debates.

The Green Party has been excluded from previous television debates despite running candidates in every one of Canada's 308 ridings for two straight elections. Last election the Greens garnered 660,000 votes, making them eligible to receive federal funding alongside other major parties, and current polling indicates that close to 10% of Canadians will vote Green this time around. However, control over who gets to attend the debates lays with the networks covering the events, not with Elections Canada, and not with the voting public.

Canadians who want to hear a Green voice in the next elections - or those who want the debates to be truly democratic regardless of their party of choice - can urge the networks to include Elizabeth May by signing the Green Party's online email petition.

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Anonymous said...

While Greens may well be in the debates, official party status denotes much more than that.

They will not have status until they are in the house, with likely 12 members, possibly two members.

Cameron W said...

The Green Party should be included in the televised leaders debates, and it's in the broadcast consortium's (the private group that decides who gets to participate) best interest to let Elizabeth May debate.

A broadcast consortium of 5 unelected, unaccountable executives can't dictate to Canadians what our democracy will look like or sound like - any more than Canadians would be willing to have the 5 big banks run our elections.

More Canadians would watch if she was allowed to participate. About 700,000 Canadians voted for the Green Party and they want to see democracy, not censorship. The Green Party has run a candidate in all 308 ridings in the last two election. In the recent London North Center by-election Elizabeth May placed a close second, nearly elected, placing far ahead of the other status-quo parties. Canadians want to see the Green Party included.

The Green Party hasn't elected an MP to parliament... yet. While this is the new rule sited to justify exclusion, this is by no means set in stone. It's already been seen that the Green Party affects government policy; the other major parties are talking about and adopting Green Party policies. When their policies are being discussed, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are voting for them and they receive federal funding, it's hard to argue that the Green Party doesn't deserve to participate.

Last election a Green Party candidate had this to say.

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