Friday, December 08, 2006

NSTA's Truth is Full of Holes

The incriminating evidence regarding the National Science Teachers Association's relationship with big oil, and their refusal of 50,000 free copies of An Inconvenient Truth, is mounting in the face of public pressure and media scrutiny.

In an impeccably cited article at the Huffington Post, Laurie David, author of the op-ed that began the scandal, outlines new information about the NSTA, their Executive Director Gerald Wheeler, and the organizations relationship to big oil. Among the new evidence coming to light is:

1. Despite the fact that the NSTA said their 2001 policy prohibits them from distributing An Inconvenient Truth to its members, in 2003 they shipped 20,000 copies of a 10 part video funded by oil giant ConocoPhillips.

2. In a clear conflict of interest, the NSTA's Gerald Wheeler is listed as the Executive Producer of the ConocoPhillips film.

3. The NSTA has recently pulled online content from their website demonstrating partnerships with the American Petroleum Institute and other companies, including their joint "Science of Energy" website. (This was encountered here at the The Conscious Earth where cached Google pages were needed to reveal the pages in question).

To date, The Conscious Earth has focused on the facts surrounding the issue while taking the view that, in refusing free copies of An Inconvenient Truth, the NSTA was primarily guilty of a poor curriculum decision. However, new information coming to light is increasingly demonstrating that the NSTA is an educational body intimately tied to the oil industry and that is acting as an active partner in the distribution of anti climate change propaganda - to the detriment of the environment, quality of education and the reputation of the American school system as a whole.

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