Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Toronto to Recycle 70% of All Garbage

Mayor David Miller of Toronto has unveiled bold new recycling and air quality targets that would divert 70% of the all city garbage away from landfills by 2010, and reduce smog causing pollutants by 20% over the next six years. He has also announced his intention to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gases in the city.

Details of the plan include:
  • expanding the green bin program to include apartments and condominiums.
  • adding to waste allowed in recycling boxes.
  • enlarging blue boxes to make recycling easier.
  • building a composting plant.
  • developing incentives to encourage the construction of "green" buildings.
  • building community recycling centres for reusable goods such as mattresses or electronic components.
  • Potential "congestion" fees on vehicles entering the downtown core like those implemented in London, England.
Currently about 40% of the city's garbage is being diverted from landfills.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that a left-wing mayor from Toronto is, in 4 years from now, going to try to accomplish what conservative mayors in Halifax and Edmonton did more than a decade before him.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness.

Every apartment building I have lived in has made it a struggle to recycle.

In my current building we can put our garbage in a container on our floor, but to recyle we have to bring the stuff down to the parking garage. The WHOLE building only has 4 recyling bins, but an unlimited number of garbage cans.

If I wasn't so committed I'd probably just chuck everything in the garbage!

I hope there will be some sort of city-wide program promoting improved management of recycling collection in apartments.