Monday, January 22, 2007

Feds Give $2 Million to Stanley Park

A quick update from late last week. The Federal Government has pledged $2 million dollars to help fund the restoration of Stanley Park.

The new money joins a raft of contributions including $1 million from the BC Provincial government (to be matched by the city of Vancouver), a $1 million pledge from local billionaire Jim Pattison to match public contributions, and a Global TV fundraiser that has pulled in $2.5 million. All totaled this could mean up to $8.5 million to help rebuild the damaged park where over a 1,000 trees came down in recent wind storms.

Founded in 1888, Stanley Park is the third largest city owned park in North America and covers approximately 1,000 acres. More on the park here.

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that this $2 million was quietly diverted from the Mountain Pine Beetle relief fund. This is the insect that is devastating large swaths of forest throughout the rest of Northern and Interior British Columbia. It is the single major hurdle facing the western Canadian timber/forestry industry and a major environmental problem. Shame on the Conservatives for robbing this program of its much-needed funding for a photo op and urban vote pandering